Saturday, January 9, 2010 the work palisades at the Royal Palace will fall to show the columns of Buren renovated. After months of work, Parisians and tourists from all over the world will once again enjoy this monumental work created in 1986 by Daniel Buren.

The restoration of the "two trays" was initiated on the occasion of the Journées
the European Heritage 2008; the project was awarded by the
National Works Service, and its funding has been sponsored
skills of €0.5 million provided by the company Eiffage and realized by its
subsidiary "Forclum" for a total restoration budget of €5.8 million.
The aim of this restoration was to restore the aesthetic qualities
of the original work and also to restore the proper functioning of the
technical equipment (lighting devices, fountains) which are part of it

The surface coating (asphalt) has been completely taken over in order to
to restore its watertightness. To ensure a better flow of water,
Daniel Buren agreed to upgrade the central part of the facility
a few centimetres. The water circulation system and the
have been completely taken over. The entire electrical installation has
was renovated and a new fully recessed lighting system was installed
in place on the surface. The blue illumination of the visible parts of the circulations
water in the basement has been restored. All the columns have been restored,
with replacement of materials when necessary. The operation
included essential improvements to public safety (resistance
and the durability of the structures (railings overhanging the
fountains, greater rigidity assured to the bands of marbles quadrilating the

This work, decried by some at its inauguration, has become
from an emblematic example of the successful integration of an order
contemporary public in a heritage place. To a car park
the columns on which the unsightly
tourists get photographed.