Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, believes that the detailed deliberation of the ARDP wise men paves the way for a new phase of consultation between the stakeholders under the aegis of the CSMP. This deliberation calls on the sector to preserve the principles of solidarity that underpin the balance of the distribution system and guarantee pluralism and diversity of information.

The Press Distribution Regulatory Authority (ARDP) has just
issue a decision on the decision of the Supreme Council of
Messageries de Presse (CSMP) calling on the one hand for implementation
fair equalization of press distribution costs
daily between all the press cooperatives, and on the other hand, to freeze
Preservation and provisional transfer of publications between couriers
until new rules of solidarity are laid down.

Frédéric Mitterrand considers that the deliberation of the ARDP paves the way for
a new constructive phase of professional consultation, led by
the CSMP. The ARDP rightly calls for responsibility and solidarity
of publishers whose decisions must be guided primarily by interest
of the sector in a phase that engages the future of the entire
distribution. The aim is to encourage the sales dynamics of
press, to preserve the economic balance of a network of depositories
and diffusers extremely dependent on the health of the messengers
and whose vitality is the best guarantee of the diversity and pluralism of
the information.

The ARDP validates the principle of a resolution concerning a conservatory freeze
transfers of titles between couriers, especially in this period
which could lead to harmful destabilization, but
stresses that this decision could not disproportionately affect
freedom of contract and freedom of trade and industry. The Authority
recalls in this regard that the professional college meeting within the CSMP is
appropriate and proportionate protective measures.

This balance will have to be found at the time of a new consultation on
implementation of the measures envisaged by the CSMP, conduct
in a timely manner.

The decision of the CSMP and the deliberation of the ARDP are both
motivated by the desire to establish fair and balanced relations between
the objectives of the Act. The
new regulatory bodies established following the reform
In this regard, the historic legislation of the summer of 2011 demonstrated a
responsiveness and a sense of responsibility that Frédéric Mitterrand