Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, in agreement with Valérie Fourneyron, Deputy Mayor of Rouen, Frédéric Sanchez, Mayor of Petit-Quevilly, Pierre Léautey, Mayor of Mont-Saint-Aignan, Alain Le Vern, Chairman of the Haute-Saint-Aignan Regional CouncilNormandy, and Didier Marie, President of the Seine-Maritime General Council, announces the launch of a process of rapprochement between the Théâtre des deux rives de Rouen, a regional drama centre, led by Élisabeth Macocco and the Petit-Occo national stageQuevilly/Mont-Saint-Aignan, directed by Gérard Marcon.

A steering committee must, on the basis of a feasibility study, work in the coming weeks on the modalities of this rapprochement which will allow Upper Normandy to be, like the majority of the other French regions, endowed with a national drama centre. Beyond the initial production and theatrical distribution missions of its label, this new establishment, which will be based on the three sites of Rouen, Petit-Quevilly and Mont-Saint-Aignan, will also have to be an essential player in multidisciplinary dissemination across all the territories concerned, and will pay close attention to cultural mediation actions.

The feasibility study, launched in early 2012, should present its conclusions in the spring, so that all public funders agree on a merger scenario that meets the specifications of the national drama centres, and integrating the dissemination action of the national scene.

This new establishment will have to strengthen the offer of live entertainment in the three communes and assert itself as a major production pole in Upper Normandy.

The year 2013 will make it possible to implement the various preparatory phases for this purpose.