Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, opened the National Commission of safeguarded sectors this morning rue de Valois.

He recalled the importance of this powerful device of protection of the architectural quality of the built, the landscapes and the heritage highlighting the old centers and districts. Created by the Malraux law of 1962, the protected areas (103 today) cover very different types of cities, now open to real «landscape systems», exist today.

He stressed the responsibility of the State and the importance of the missions entrusted to the services of the Ministry of Culture and Communication as guarantors of an urban heritage of national interest, or international in the context of the sectors listed as UNESCO World Heritage (Paris, Bordeaux, Albi). He recalled the quality and relevance of the system of Sectors safeguarded in order to promote the development of heritage, revitalization and quality of life within the framework of a real urban project and a concerted approach with elected officials, people and economic actors. He concluded by stressing how the standards of heritage protection have shown their relevance and how the necessary development of territories also requires respect for the quality of landscapes and urban scenery.

On the occasion of this Commission, he paid tribute to Senator Yves Dauge, who was its President for 10 years and whose commitment to heritage policies in our country was constant and exemplary.