Launched in 2006 by English Heritage (United Kingdom) in order to create an informal network of exchanges between European heritage directors, this Forum brings together those responsible for heritage (built heritage and archaeology) from 27 countries-members of the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. This Forum of Heritage Directors brought together 60 representatives from 24 European countries in Paris. Its secretariat is provided by English Heritage.

The first summits were held in London in 2006, in Prague in 2007,
Copenhagen in 2008 on the theme «heritage and climate change»,
in Vienna-Bratislava in 2009, on the theme of the Heritage in
The European Union’s Directorate-General for Culture and Education
has been regularly associated with the annual meeting for two years.
The themes covered are emblematic of the current events and concerns of
responsible for the heritage of European countries. The informal circle of reflection
that this Forum is a tangible sign of the existence of a
of experts, curators, historians, site managers and
monuments and that beyond sometimes different heritage approaches
from one country to another, there are common objectives, good practices and
know-how to share .
The theme chosen this year «tourism and heritage: issues and risks» is
directly stemming from last year’s theme “heritage and recovery”
Awareness of heritage as a source of wealth.”
and attractiveness of the territories is indisputable in all European countries and has
leads many government and local actors to encourage heritage to
contribute even more significantly to local development than today
and tourism revenues. The positive impact of efforts to enhance tourism
the resulting wealth must not, however, obscure the potential risks
for its conservation directly related to the increase in tourist attendance.
The experiences of the different States as well as the remedies brought to this risk
were presented and discussed, and led participants to
the adoption of joint conclusions on this subject.