New measures for access to culture for people with disabilities

Frédéric MITTERRAND, Minister of Culture and Communication, and Nadine MORANO,
Secretary of State for Family and Solidarity, chaired the National Commission
this day, Tuesday, September 14, at the Ministry of Culture, in the presence of
Thierry DIEULEVEUX, Secretary General of the Comité interministériel du Handicap and Patrick GOHET,
Chair of the National Disability Advisory Committee.
The Ministers presented new measures in favour of access to
Art and Culture:
- A strengthened plan for the accessibility of public institutions and
particularly in favour of access to cultural professions for young people
persons with disabilities;
- Improving the reception of disabled persons in facilities;
the territory’s cultural heritage through the development of the “Destination for All” label;
- the implementation and extension of the “Museum for All, Museum for Everyone” award
the whole field of cultural institutions: places of diffusion of the show
living, monuments and cinemas.
- the presentation of the third book of the Culture et Handicap collection, dedicated to
the reception of people with mental disabilities in cultural places;
- Development of new guides: guide to 'accessible exhibitions', guide
“library and disability”, “cinema, audiovisual and disability” guide;
- Training of professionals in the culture of the built environment (initial training and training;
continuous of the architects) and the programming in March 2011, of a European seminar
which will develop the themes of accessibility of the built environment and cultural offer for the
persons with disabilities. This seminar will take place at the Public Institution of the Museum and
of the national domain of Versailles.
In addition, the Ministers also discussed at this meeting the following points:
- The importance of accessibility of television programmes, in particular those of
public service. In the case of the France Télévisions group, there was an increase of
113% of subtitled programmes and a commitment to development
audiodescription and sign language dubbing of programmes;
- In the context of access to cinema, the Minister for Culture and Communication
is committed to ensuring the accessibility of heritage films concerned by
the digitization plan set out in the Grand Loan. This commitment involves the
implementation of captioning of 6,500 short films and 6,500 feature films
over 5 years. Beyond the works of heritage, so that everyone can have access to
the Ministry of Culture and Communication, in link
with the relevant professional bodies, will ensure that the films are
made accessible to all from post-production;
- With regard to cinema accessibility, to date 1050 establishments have
already benefitted from the accessibility diagnostic assistance plan implemented in October
2009 by the National Centre for Cinema and Animated Images.
Created by an order of 1 February 2001, the Commission nationale culture-handicap is the
dialogue and consultation between the ministries concerned, the associations representing
persons with disabilities and the cultural and artistic community.