Call for the release of Jaafar Panahi

As the Cannes International Film Festival opens its doors today, we condemn with
the arrest and detention of Iranian director Jaafar Panahi by Iranian authorities. He is one
the most eminent representatives of Iranian cinema and has its place in this festival of which it had been invited
to be a member of the 2010 Jury.
We call for his immediate release and call on the authorities in Tehran to respect the right
fundamental to freedom of expression and creation for Iranians.
Jaafar Panahi, one of the most talented members of the new Iranian wave, received the greatest
world cinema awards: in Cannes where he received the Golden Camera Award in 1995 and the Jury Award for
A certain look» in 2003, but also in Locarno, Venice and Berlin.
We renew our call for Jaafar Panahi to join the festival as soon as possible.