On the proposal of Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, the President of the Republic has appointed Jean-François Colosimo as President of the CentreNational du Livre (CNL) for a five-year mandate.

This appointment is part of the evolution of the
National Book Centre, harmonized with other institutions
Ministry of Culture and Communication. Formerly
chaired by the Director of Books and Reading and since the
by the Director General of the
cultural and media industries, the CNL will benefit from a presidency
separate executive from departmental headquarters.
The National Book Centre is the operator of the ministry that supports
all the actors in the book chain, to promote pluralism in
creation, editorial diversity and dissemination.
Born in 1960, Jean-François Colosimo studied philosophy, theology and history
Orthodox Christian, he teaches the history of philosophy and the
Byzantine theology at the St.
A publisher since 1988, Jean-François Colosimo has been a literary advisor for publishing
Stock, literary director at JC Lattes, at Odile Jacob and at the editions of the Round Table.
In 2006, he was appointed Managing Director of CNRS Editions.
Jean-François Colosimo is also the author of documentary films, including Washington, the
frontier of Protestantism (Artline France 3, 2000) and as a co-author collaborated with
works by filmmaker Olivier Mille, Les Cités de Dieu and Le silence des anges (Arte).
He is also a columnist for France Culture and Le Monde des Religions.