It’s up to you to read! , an event of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, is a major national cultural event. With this second edition, the great festival of books and reading has once again attracted the public through more than a thousand events throughout the territory, in mainland France, overseas and abroad.

On Wednesday, May 25, Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, Anouk Aimée sponsor of the event, Jean d'Ormesson, Abd Al Malik, Eva Darlan, Greg Germain, Irene Frain, Gonzague Saint Bris, in the presence of Georges Lefebvre, Chief Executive Officer of the Groupe la Poste, Michel Fremder, Director of Trains Exposition SNCF and Gérard Lhéritier, President of the Aristophil company and founder of the Museum of Letters and Manuscripts, launched the train It’s up to you to read! - Littératour” in Gare du Nord, Paris.

The national theme of It’s up to you to read! 2011, «La correspondance», gave rise to great readings throughout France that attracted many and conquered listeners.

In Paris…
"Love and I will have wanted it this way", Robert Desnos' correspondence: read by Gabriel Dufay (May 27, Paris 7th, National Book Centre), in the presence of 100 people;
- “Entre intimité et mondanité”, Marcel Proust evening: reading by Bernadette Lafont, Claire Nebout, Michel Fau and Xavier Gallais (May 29, Paris 8th, Pierre Cardin space), in the presence of 650 people;
- 'Correspondance à trois: Rilke- Tsvetaïeva- Pasternak': Readings by Ariane Ascaride, Jean-Claude Drouot and Thierry Hancisse of the Comédie Française (May 29, Paris 8th, Pierre Cardin space), in the presence of 550 people;
- “August Strindberg, a Buddha at the end of the century”: read by Dominique Pinon (Paris 14th, Théâtre de la Gaité Montparnasse), in the presence of 230 people;
- “It’s up to you to read in Piazza Beaubourg” (28 May, Paris 4th, Centre Georges Pompidou), in the presence of 2,100 people;
- Open days at the Museum of Letters and Manuscripts (26 to 29 May, Paris 7th, Museum of Letters and Manuscripts), attended by 380 people;
- Children’s Day at the Bibliothèque nationale de France (29 and 30 May, Paris 13th, BnF), attended by 1,300 people;

And also…
- “Colette’s letters to her daughter”: read by Marie-Christine Barrault and Nathalie Roussel (May 25, Montauban, Théâtre Olympe de Gouges), in the presence of 448 people;
- Frédéric Chopin and Marina Tsvetaïeva: Musical readings by Anna Mouglalis, Stanislas Merhar and Julie Sokolowski (May 29, Nantes, Fine Arts Museum), attended by 1,500 people;
- “Bulgakov’s letters to Stalin”: read by Denis Lavant (28 May, Tour d'Aigues, Town Hall), in the presence of 250 people;
- «Les correspondances subtils: Marseille l'orientale»: read by Michael Lonsdale (26 May, Marseille, Conservatoire national de région Pierre Barbizet), in the presence of 250 people;
- In Marseilles, the Crusader Scriptures - Ambulatory readings by Anne Alvaro, readings by Venus Khoury-Ghata and the word cannons by Générik Vapeurs at Saint-Charles station attracted more than 1,000 people.

The year 2011 celebrates the French Overseas and À vous de lire was not to be outdone, whether in France:
- “Read and make read the French Overseas Region” (May 28, Paris 15th, Place de la Mairie), in the presence of 100 people;
- “Outre-Lettres” (26 to 29 May, La Rochelle), in the presence of 521 people;
And at the Reunion, the “Baby Tampon Reader Workshops” gathered 350 people.
If It’s You to Read! is for all audiences, special attention is paid to tomorrow’s readers.

A partnership with the Ministry of Education has made it possible to create the National Day of Correspondence on Thursday, May 26, with the aim of encouraging school children to read and write.
Readings in prison as in Montauban, animations and readings in 29 Parisian hospitals, in Ile de France and in the region… It’s up to you to read! goes out to meet the forbidden audiences so that everyone can share the love of reading and literature. Over 1,300 people attended readings in hospitals.