The agreement includes major advances in the form of immediately applicable measures.

The agreement includes major advances in the form of measures
concrete immediately applicable.
It will promote access to the rights of publishers of
online music, in more stable, balanced, and more
transparent, in particular as regards the general conditions of sale,
advance mechanisms and guaranteed minima.
Progress will also benefit rights holders, notably through
commitments concerning the remuneration of performing artists, the
time limits for payment of fees and transparency in reporting
online music operations.
As part of its mission to encourage the development of the legal offer,
the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights over
The Internet (Hadopi) is responsible for monitoring and facilitating the implementation of
the agreement, of which the Ministry of Culture and Communication will be the
The Minister wishes to pay tribute to the spirit of responsibility of all
signatories, who knew, beyond the
working for the general interest of the sector, including
resolutely with a view to the future.
These commitments are far-reaching, reflecting engagement
collective of the sector in order to have online music services
innovative and attractive, driving the growth of the music market, and
guarantee of the sustainable financing of creation and the value of the
internet music.
The success of this collective approach, unprecedented in the music industry,
strengthens public authorities in their efforts to consolidate and renew
tools to support the sector, using a global approach to the sector.
At the same time, the mission entrusted by the President of the Republic to
Jacques Toubon will promote the idea of a
reduced VAT rate in particular for online music services.
Frédéric Mitterrand warmly thanks Emmanuel Hoog for his involvement
and his commitment throughout the mediation.