Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, said that a global solution had been found following the judicial registration of the Eyedea group. The decision announced today by the Commercial Court makes it possible to envisage a continuation of the activity, and to prepare the future.

The takeover project thus avoids the dispersion of an extremely
rich in our photographic heritage and the history of
French photojournalism, notably around the Keystone and
Rapho or Gamma agencies.
Since last September, the Minister has announced his
concern about the future of these agencies. The
the dissemination of these funds and their knowledge by the
must be a goal shared by businesses and by the
the Ministry; the latter will, whenever possible,
contribution to this objective.
As such, the Minister asked the National Museum Meeting,
through its Photographic Agency, to study quickly the
possibility of a cross-dissemination agreement of a representative party
the Keystone Fund, owned by the Eyedea Group.
At a time when a mission for
photography, this type of partnership participates in the new
The Minister intends to give a boost in this area.