The main object of this commission is a work, Fénautrigues, presenting a selection of 500 photographs made by Jean-Luc Moulène from 1991 to 2006, in the Lot, on the places of his childhood which are also those of the origin of his family.

From a collection of 5,000 images, the artist has created a sensitive archive of the place inspired by three walks. Close to the survey, to the verification, the shots are a description of the work of the fields and the nature. So there are no faces or buildings. Without ever practicing scientific observation - constant points of view and hours - the artist endeavoured to give each image the singularity of the familiar encounter. The work is accompanied by an installation designated as a plastic and conceptual design tool.

According to the artist’s proposal, the publication of this work of systematic archiving was planned in two directions. The first will be public and placed under the responsibility of the CNAP which will award it to the places of dissemination of contemporary art (art centres, regional contemporary art funds, art schools and museums of contemporary art, as well as regional cultural affairs directorates), the second one desired by the artist towards the general public via a distribution in bookshops at a price made accessible by the assistance provided to this project by the National Centre of Plastic Arts.
Fénautrigues will be included in the inventories of the national contemporary art collection.

Publication: 22 October 2010, Format: 24x28 cm, 528 quadri pages accompanied by a 32-page bilingual reprint (text by Thierry Guichard), price: 57 €, ISBN: 978-2-71-036771-0, SODIS CODE: I 23216