On the same day of the publication in the Official Journal of the decree which makes possible the implementation of the agreements on audiovisual production concerning analogue channels, Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, welcomed the signing of inter-professional agreements between digital terrestrial television (DTT), cable and satellite channels, audiovisual producers and authors. *

At the end of a negotiation led by David Kessler and Dominique Richard, commissioned by the Minister of Culture and Communication, all the players in the audiovisual sector have reached balanced agreements that will strengthen audiovisual creation. They take into account the economic specificities of DTT channels, and they reflect an ambitious cultural diversity policy. In
These agreements, both for DTT channels and for cable and satellite channels, now establish obligations with regard to heritage works: fiction, documentary, animated series, video music and live performances.

DTT channels are successful audiences and engines of economic growth. They will also henceforth be full players in the development of audiovisual creation.

With this signature, a cycle of redesign of the audiovisual creative contract that unites creators, producers and broadcasters with the advent of digital television is concluded.

Gulli, Virgin 17, Direct 8, IDF1, NRJ12 and NRJ Paris