Frédéric Mitterrand attended the European Council of Ministers of Culture and Audiovisual on Thursday 19 May 2011 in Brussels. He called for a mobilisationforte of the 27 around a «Decalogue for culture in Europe», which he aproposed to our partners and which places culture at the heart of the European project and commits to meet the technological challenges, financial and legal developments.

Among the challenges to be faced, the e-book challenge has been particularly
before by the Minister, who, the day after the final vote of the French law on the price
European Commission, called for urgent reflection on the
book policy.
The application of the reduced rate of VAT for all cultural goods and services,
including those that are provided online, is also a topic strongly carried by the
France. Frédéric Mitterrand welcomed the convergence of views in this regard
with the European Parliament on VAT, with the recent adoption of the
MP Marie – Thérèse Sanchez Schmid on cultural industries
and creative.
On the occasion of a debate between ministers on the mobility of
culture, the Minister stressed the need for continued action by the Union
both to facilitate intra-European mobility and to intensify
trade with other countries of the world.
Frédéric Mitterrand also welcomed the political agreement reached on the Label
European heritage, which will soon be expanded to include the participation of 27
Member States, as requested by France since the
the European Union in 2008. This initiative represents an important step forward and
should enable citizens to better understand their common heritage and
strengthen the European identity.
The Minister finally called for the action of the European Union in
support programs, and the effectiveness of
strengthened. The European Commission’s proposals on the future of
culture and media programs are from this point of view highly anticipated. It will
that cultural and media actors can continue to be supported by
programs that maintain real autonomy and high visibility.