While French fiction is going through a difficult period, Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, wishes to deepen the ideas proposed in the Club Galilée report on "the crisis and the revival of French fiction", which has just been handed to him. The first proposals concern an "editorial" aspect and concern support for the writing and development phases of fiction. A second "industrial" component is devoted to financing production in general and its new forms.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the largest international
programmes, Frédéric Mitterrand recalls his concern at the
through French fiction. French production has been strongly
affected by the economic crisis and the sharp decline in advertising revenues
TV channels in 2009, although this impact was limited by the effects
the reform of France Télévisions, in particular the stabilization of
order budgets.
Announced by the Minister in September 2009 at the Festival de la fiction TV de La
Rochelle, and entrusted to the Club Galilée, a reflection to understand and respond
the crisis of French fiction has just ended.
It proposes two broad sets of guidelines which will be
- The first concerns the role of authors, the need to promote writing and
project development, diversity of formats and genres, but also
the establishment of a continuing training system. Frédéric Mitterrand
entrusted to Philippe Chevalier, accompanied by producer Sylvie Pialat and
screenwriter Franck Philippon, the mission to evaluate these proposals and their placement
at work.
- The second track explored by the Galileo Club report concerns the
diversification of methods and sources of financing for the production of
fiction. If it is important to increase resources for creation
in general, one of the advanced levers for developing a
The Industrial Aid Scheme consists of extending the aid to Small and Medium-sized
Enterprises and Very Small Enterprises, and to make audiovisual creation
a strategic sector as part of the recovery plan. A steering committee
will soon be constituted to evaluate these proposals and their
concrete transcription.
Finally, the MIP TV - the laboratory where tomorrow’s television is imagined - is
also the opportunity to announce the launch of a mission, expected by the
professionals, "Prospective on television in 2015. The latter will formulate
possible development scenarios and, where appropriate, concrete proposals
to improve and secure the future of French audiovisual creation
by 2015.