As France completes its transition to all-digital television, Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, and Mathieu Gallet, President and CEO of INA and President of the Television History Committee (CHTV), celebrate the 30th anniversary of the CHTV and on this occasion recognize Jacques Chancel

On November 30, 2011, France will be on TV while
digital: a smooth revolution, comparable to the passage of the
black & white color television, for all French, which brand
an unprecedented modernisation of the audiovisual sector in terms of content
as quality of reception.

On this occasion, Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and
Communication, received this Thursday, November 24 to the ministry, the Committee
History of Television to celebrate its 30th anniversary. During this
ceremony Mathieu Gallet, President of the CHTV and CEO of the Ina
Jacques Chancel, in the presence of the Minister, the CHTV Special Prize
reward his outstanding career as a television and radio man.

On this occasion, Mathieu Gallet presented Jacques Chancel with an award
Ina digital in the form of a touch tablet containing a selection
and 30 hours of television and
in which he was the guest. A review of nearly 40 years of broadcasts
TV - from the screen folders to It’s on the program by the way
by Bouillon de Culture, Apostrophes, Hui Madame, the theatre of
Bouvard, We tried everything, Everyone talks about it, and many more
– and 54 years of radio broadcasts on Radio France. Jacques Chancel
is also the author of the Dictionnaire amoureux de la Télévision, released in
october 2011.

The digital distinction Ina
The digital distinction Ina was initiated to pay tribute to the
people who contribute to the enrichment of our heritage
through their cultural footprint in France. Jacques Chancel
is now the third personality to receive the digital distinction
Ina, after the actors Robert de Niro and Gérard Depardieu.

The Ina, an audiovisual cultural company, has created this distinction which allows
to give to a personality all the television clips and
that refer to his work and represent his
personal wealth.

About the Television History Committee
Created in 1981 at the initiative of Jean d'Arcy, the CHTV is today chaired
by Mathieu Gallet. The purpose of the committee is to
all televisions, whether public or private, over the air,
cable, broadcast on satellite or the Internet. To do this, the
CHTV collects documents and testimonies (publications, photos,
films, conferences, etc.), it stimulates analysis and research, promotes
publication and publishing in any medium. This committee organizes
meetings between professionals and researchers and acts in
close cooperation with public bodies including INA.