- Jacques Ferrier, to whom we owe the achievement of the most
Shanghai World Exhibition, will be elevated to the rank of
Knight in the National Order of Merit,
- François Grether, which has established itself as one of the most
our country, will receive, the insignia of Commander in
the Order of Arts and Letters,
- François Leclercq, an accomplished architect and urban planner, who
participated in the international consultation of Greater Paris, will receive the
Knight’s insignia in the order of the Legion of Honor,
- Marc Mimram, architect and engineer, who is currently building the school
architecture of Strasbourg and the extension of the
Roland-Garros, also associated with the international
Grand Paris, will also receive the insignia of knight in the order of
the Legion of Honor.

Through these honours, the Minister intends to mark his
deep attachment to architects and thus recall his interest in
the architecture that remains a priority of its action.

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