Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, welcomes the success of the sale of models and original drawings by renowned architects to the auction,held Wednesday evening at the Cité de l'architecture et dupatrimoine for the benefit of the Fondation des architectes del'urgence.

On this occasion, the Archives Service of the Directorate-General
Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Communication
has had the opportunity to acquire:
- a drawing by Claude Parent, Grand prix national de
the architecture 1979
- a sketch of the National Library of France - François
Mitterrand by Dominique Perrault, Grand prix national de
the architecture 1992
- a drawing of temporary dispensaries created for Haiti by
Shigeru Ban, author of the Centre Pompidou-Metz
- the model of the exhibition, designed by Jean-Christophe
Quinton, dedicated to the international consultation of the Grand
Paris and inaugurated by the President of the Republic in 2009.
These exemplary works of the representation of architecture
now join the collections of the