Protecting copyright on the Internet is a major challenge for cultural diversity, the dynamism of creation, and a challenge for all European countries.

In the wake of the reflections carried out in France since the mission entrusted to Denis Olivennes, two years ago, and of the law called «HADOPI» adopted last summer, Several European countries have recently embarked on the path of strengthening copyright protection on the Internet and the development of online legal provision.

The Minister for Culture and Communication welcomes these initiatives, especially the one that has just been launched in Spain, as they reflect, beyond national specificities and sensitivities, a common awareness and a shared European interest.

Frédéric Mitterrand recalls his attachment to the work he has started in order to promote the development of more attractive, richer and more diverse legal offers, with the mission entrusted last September to Patrick Zelnik, Jacques Toubon and Guillaume Cerutti. It hopes that its results will contribute to the emergence of appropriate responses and to nourishing ever more dense exchanges between European partners on this subject.