Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication Sefélicite of the agreement between the group La Martinière and Googleconcerning the digitization of works unavailable from this publisher,which opens up new prospects for the exploitation and dissemination of this heritage fund.

The Minister, who has repeatedly reminded the leaders of Google
the importance it attaches to respect for the rights of authors and
publishers, is pleased to see that the agreement enshrines the
recognition of these principles, thus enabling the
proceedings initiated since 2006 by the publishing house La
Martinière. He salutes the firmness of this publishing house in the defense
of such principles.

Frédéric Mitterrand welcomes the very positive dialogue established with the
leaders of Google, and would like this agreement, which follows that
signed between Hachette Livre and Google a few weeks ago,
allow the conclusion of negotiations conducted in a short time
with all other publishers, so that balanced solutions,
based on the same principles, can be found in disputes
and litigation proceedings between Google and the rights holders

In this context, the Minister recalls the importance of the strategy
implemented in France by the French government and professionals
book to promote the dissemination of works of the spirit in the universe
while respecting copyright, through the partnership
negotiated with authors and publishers to digitize 500,000 books
unavailable in the 20th century as part of Investments