In accordance with the commitment made by the Minister of Culture and Communication during his visit to the Lascaux cave on 21 January last, the scientific council composed of personalities, French and foreign, qualified in the fields of archaeology,environmental sciences applied to the underground environment, labiology and the conservation sciences of heritage materials is named today.

This Board is placed with the Director General of the Heritage of
Ministry of Culture and Communication
provide advice and expertise on the definition of
research necessary for the conservation of the Lascaux cave,
evaluation of their results and to give its opinion on the measures
take in case of recurrence of risks of degradation.
Besides its president, Yves Coppens, member of the Academy
of Sciences, honorary professor at the Collège de France, chair of
palaeoanthropology and prehistory:
- René Bally, Director of the Microbial Ecology Laboratory, University
Lyon I;
- Michel Brunet, professor at the Collège de France, chair of paleontology
- Pascale Cossart, member of the Académie des Sciences, director of
the Bacterial-Cell Interaction Unit at the Institut Pasteur;
- Jean-Jacques Delannoy, Professor of Universities, Director of
EDYTEM Laboratory, University of Savoie;
- Thierry Heulin, Director of the Institute of Environmental Biology and
biotechnology, CEA - Cadarache;
- Robert Koestler, director of the Smithsonian’s Museum Conservation
Institute, Washington, USA;
- Antonio Lasheras, Director of the Museo Nacional y Centro de
Investigación d'Altamira, Spain;
- Roberto Ontañon Peredo, Head of the Archaeology Section, Consejería
de Cultura, Turismo y Deporte, Gobierno de Cantabria, Spain;
- Yves Perrette, research officer at the CNRS, laboratory EDYTEM;
- Valérie Plagnes, lecturer at Pierre and Marie University
Curie, Paris VI;
- André Sentenac, member of the Académie des Sciences, director of
the Institute of Biology and Technology, CEA – Saclay;
- Piero Tiano, Istituto per la Conservazione e la valorizzazione dei Beni
culturali, Florence, Italy
- Pierre Vaudaine, physicist, former director of ARC Nucléart (Atelier
conservation for the preservation of cultural heritage and
art objects).