At the European Council of Ministers of Culture last November,Frédéric Mitterrand had called for the establishment of a committee of wise men in order to have to emerge a European doctrine on the financing modalities of the digitisation and more particularly the public-This Wise Men’s Committee* was created by the European Commission on 21 April 2010, which asked it to finalize its recommendations by the end of 2010.

At the end of the third working meeting of this committee held in Paris
yesterday, Frédéric Mitterrand presented the French
digitization of cultural heritage. He reaffirmed his support for the library
Europeana. He recalled the importance of digitalisation, the
which is as much a challenge as a formidable opportunity to make
national and European cultural heritage and expresses its desire to
ambitious and coherent digitization programmes. The Minister
also stressed the fact that the prerequisites for the
agreements with private partners must be balanced with the beneficiaries
The Minister spoke about ongoing discussions with authors and publishers
from the Book Council of 22 March 2010 to make possible, in respect
agreement with rights holders, digitization of works of the twentieth century
unavailable in commerce. He also reported on the work done
currently under the national loan, in the area of digitization
in the fields of audiovisual, cinema and heritage
art museum and writing.
* Composed of three people: Maurice Lévy, President and CEO of
Publicis Groupe; Elisabeth Niggemann, President of the National Library
and Jacques de Decker, Belgian writer and theater. The
Committee is responsible for making recommendations on all issues
related to digitization operations, on the conditions allowing accessibility
and conservation of digitized heritage.