As is the case every year, the Compendium, on the proposal of the High Committee on National Commemorations, lists the fiftieth and centenary anniversary of significant events or figures in the arts, politics, science and history in general.

Every year it finds an increasingly favourable echo, in France as in
abroad with a multiple audience: teachers, librarians, schoolchildren,
documentalists, learned societies, journalists and scholars.

The articles and notices, written by the best specialists, make the Collection a
reference work, whose collection, already composed of 26 volumes, will be
soon to have an index finger.

The presence of the Great Century with the
commemorations of the "Happy Villars", Pierre Mignard and Louis
Le Vau. Humanism is also represented here thanks to Jean-Jacques
Rousseau - Object of a particularly rich commemorative year, proposed
by the Rhône-Alpes region, and to which the Ministry has joined - , Ambroise
Paré, the Abbé de l'Épée, or Henri Mondor, Léon-Gontran Damas and the Abbé
Pierre; also the creators with Robert Doisneau, Jean Vilar, Yves Klein and
writers and intellectuals with Georges Bataille, Louis Massignon or Roger

This year, finally, a tribute to the great art historian André Chastel will be
delivered by the Ministry, in connection with the National Institute of Art History (INHA) and
the specialised institutions concerned.

The website of the Archives de France and the smartphone app will make
account of the entire content of the Collection, enriching it over the days
programming of events organized around anniversaries