It’s spring, grow your crop

Frédéric Mitterrand meets the public to live the culture at the rhythm
major events in spring 2011. Bringing together eight
exceptional events, the cultural spring of the Ministry of Culture and
of Communication, will punctuate your spring according to the gardens and
music, but also reading, archaeology, cinema, museums,
the history of art and monumental exhibitions.

The great events of this cultural spring:

Monumenta: Anish Kapoor, May 11 to June 23
Monumenta invites each year, at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and
Communication, a contemporary artist of international renown to invest
the 13,500 m2 nave of the Grand Palais with a masterful work
specially designed for the occasion,
After the success of the previous editions entrusted to Anselm Kiefer in 2007,
American sculptor Richard Serra in 2008, to the French artist Christian
Boltanski in 2010, the artist Anish Kapoor took up the challenge in 2011.
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Portrait of Anish Kapoor:
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European Night of Museums, Saturday 14 May 2011
Created in 2005 by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, la Nuit
European museums now occupies an essential place in the
European Cultural Calendar. Every year it attracts an increasing number of people
many who come to visit the museums and their
collections and attend an original program where all the arts
meet. From the Musée d'Orsay in Paris to the Carré d'Art in Nîmes, from the
Quimper Fine Arts at the Centre Pompidou-Metz, everyone can choose the
a place to discover according to your tastes.
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National Archaeology Days, 21 and 22 May 2011
Created in 2010, this new event aims to raise public awareness of the issues
of archaeological research, its disciplines and its
methods, as to the richness and diversity of the archaeological heritage. The
Archaeology Days offer the public the opportunity to discover the sites
archaeological sites, museum collections, exhibitions
and facilitate the meeting with researchers. The days will
for this year’s theme: «From the excavation... to the museum»
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The new book and reading festival A vous de lire! dedicates four days in a row to the pleasure
to read in all its forms, from the most traditional to the most unusual. This year
second edition. Everywhere in France, terraces of cafés, markets, parks,
libraries, hospitals and penitentiary centers, the actors of the book will multiply the animations
and make our living space an open-air reading room.
The 2011 edition of A vous de lire! will use a literary genre, explicit of the singularity of the book
which has multiple mobilization and operational capabilities. This is the
From 26 May, a train with the colours of the event called «Littératour» will criss-cross the
France in 12 stage cities with, on board, a large exhibition retracing the history of the
reading “from clay tablets to digital tablets”.
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Art History Festival, May 26-29, 2011
The Ministry of Culture and Communication is proposing this year the first edition of the
Festival of art history at Fontainebleau Castle. A festive event organized
in collaboration with the National Institute of Art History (INHA) and the Castle of
Fontainebleau, whose theme will be in 2011, madness, and the guest country, Italy. Intended for
professionals and art history lovers, these days will offer a complete panorama
around conferences, round tables, debates. A film festival
«Art & Camera», a book fair and art magazines as well as educational workshops
for teachers are also in the program.
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Rendezvous at the gardens, from 3 to 5 June 2011
The theme of this new edition of the Rendez-vous aux jardins is: «the nurturing garden». From
many gardens and parks to discover, sometimes for exceptional openings, in this
weekend of June. Guided tours, workshops, conferences, animations brighten these days for
“go green”.
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Music Festival, 21 June 2011
Taking place in more than 100 countries, this great musical event taking place on the 1st day
of the summer and that we no longer present, will celebrate this year in France its 30 years. Success
international and social phenomenon, the Festival of Music is also the bearer of the news
musical trends, which it often announces. It will also highlight in the framework
of the Year of the Overseas, the diversity of ultramarine musical cultures. What to dream about!
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Film festival, from June 25 to July 1, 2011
The Festival of Cinema will take place all over France. For the purchase of a first place, at the price
in force of the session (full or reduced), a Cinema Festival Card is given to the spectator.
Thanks to this, the public will be able to access all the following films at an exceptional price of €3
the session during the seven-day event. Organized by the Federation
National French Cinemas with BNP Paribas, La Fête du Cinéma is one of the
Most popular events on the film calendar (over 4,600,000 admissions
in 2009) and one of the most attractive for young spectators: almost half of the
Party is indeed less than 25 years old.

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For this launch, the Ministry of Culture and Communication would like to thank
partnerships: the cultural press, the magazine press union and the Léo Burnett agency,
Creator of the cultural spring communication campaign.