Bookstores play a key role in the dissemination of books, the promotion of editorial diversity and the cultural development of territories. In this regard, they receive special attention from the public authorities, notably through the law of 10 August 1981 on the price of books, supplemented by the law of 26 May 2011 on the price of digital books, the reference bookshop label and direct aid paid by the various public bodies, in particular the National Book Centre.

Whereas the structural difficulties encountered in recent years
by the bookstore tend to increase, thus leading to a risk of
deterioration of the economy of the sector, Frédéric Mitterrand decided
start a new stage in the support strategy developed
by public authorities.

In this perspective, Frédéric Mitterrand entrusted to six personalities,
Bruno Parent, Inspector General of Finance, Marc Sanson, Advisor
Matthieu de Montchalin and Colette Kerber, booksellers, Teresa
Cremisi, editor, and Alexandre Jardin, writer, a mission of reflection
and proposal on the future of the bookshop.

The mission will address all issues related to
the increase in library costs and the impact of
New models of book distribution, notably through networks

It will develop proposals by the end of the first quarter
innovative in the short and medium term.

In particular, the mission will examine issues of access to
financing of these businesses, improving their margins and
the most effective allocation of public aid. In the
reflections already conducted on the creation of a mediation body
in the book sector, which is responsible in particular for facilitating the
laws of 10 August 1981 and 26 May 2011, it will define, in agreement with
the inter-professional body, the tasks of such a body and its scope

It will study the conditions for maintaining a dense and
and the success factors of booksellers in the face of
Development of new modes of distribution of books.