This year we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of Henry IV, a tragic moment that marks the entry into the legend of an exceptional sovereign. On this occasion, the Ministry of Culture and Communication has created and put on-line a high-quality website that will be a reference both on this immense figure of France’s history and on its time.

The peacemaker king, author of the edict of Nantes, reorganizer of the State helped
by the faithful Sully, restorer of the prosperity and greatness of
kingdom, appears in all its facets, and notably as the
great patron of a very rich artistic period.
This site combines technology and elegance to stage more than 500
archival and iconographic documents, plus an anthology
music composed and played at the Baroque hinge of the 16th and
seventeenth centuries, gathered for the first time on this occasion thanks to the
competition of the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles.
Equipped with teaching sheets adapted to the different school levels and
students, as well as history, visual arts and
music, and art history, this site will be a resource
for teachers and their students, in
as a place of initiation and discovery for the general public.
The site «Henri IV. The interrupted reign», designed and published by the Ministry
Culture and Communication (mission to national celebrations,
Department of Research, Higher Education and
technology), in partnership with the Société Henri-IV and through the
participation of many cultural institutions and producers of
will enrich the multimedia collection «Celebrations