Announced by the President of the Republic, the Maison de l'histoire de France has a steering committee that guarantees its scientific rigour. It will have a vocation to address a wide audience and to expose, in a form that is both dynamic and evolutionary, the relationship that the French have maintained and maintained through history but also through memories, heritage and cultures.

This committee is made up of historians, heritage curators and mediators
history. Covering all periods, from prehistory to the history of the
open to other social sciences and the diversity of approaches,
it wants to be a pluralistic body of debates and proposals.
It will be responsible in complete independence to define and write the contents of the project,
including expanding the network of partner museums and history sites,
promote the creation of a digital portal, to reflect on exhibition spaces
permanent and temporary, deepening relations with institutions and
representative associations in Europe.
The association of prefiguration of the Maison de l'histoire de France ensures the
Scientific Steering Committee Secretariat and provides the necessary resources to
its operation. The scientific steering committee is supported by
the entire Ministry of Culture and Communication.
The Scientific Steering Committee is composed of 19 members:

– Jean Favier, President
of honor
– Jean-Pierre Rioux, President
– Dominique Borne, rapporteur
– Jacques Berlioz
– Eric Deroo
– Étienne François
– Sébastien Laurent
– Dominique Missika
– Laurent Olivier

– Pascal Ory
– Jean-Christian Petitfils
– Paule René-Bazin
- Anthony Rowley
– Martine Segalen
- Benjamin Stora
– Elisabeth Taburet-Delahaye
– Laurent Theis
– Anne-Marie Thiesse
– Emmanuel de Waresquiel

The term of office of its members is two years, renewable.