This group is composed of Catherine Lamour (journalist and producer, who directed the documentary on Canal+) and Messieurs SergeGordey (author, director, producer), Jacques Perrin (author, director, producer) and Carlos Pinsky (of the documentary unit of France Télévisions).

The mission concerns both production and financing conditions
of the creative documentary (in particular the conditions for financing
writing) but also commercial distribution channels and not
commercial, including Internet, and authors' and producers' reports
with the broadcasters.
To carry out this mission, in consultation with
Sector, the expert group will be able to draw on the services of the
Culture and Communication, especially those of the Directorate
Media and Cultural Industries Bureau (CMIB), and
National Film and Animated Image (CNC).
The conclusions of this mission and the resulting proposals for
improve funding and distribution of the creative documentary
be provided to the Minister in June 2011.