By awarding the Palme d'Or of the Cannes Film Festival to ApichatpongWEERASETHAKUL, the jury of the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, chaired by TimBURTON, chose a filmmaker whose imagination is nourished by poetry and intense creativity, and that France supported during the elaboration of his work.

The Palme d'Or of the short film which goes to Serge AVEDIKIAN for
«History Bitch», the Women’s Interpretation Award awarded to the
great actress Juliette BINOCHE, the award for directing
awarded to Mathieu AMALRIC for «Tour» and the Grand Prix at «Des
men and gods» by Xavier BEAUVOIS, after the Palme d'Or in
Laurent CANTET two years ago and the Grand Prix to Jacques AUDIARD
Last year, the fine artistic momentum of French cinema and its
talent. These numerous awards also reward its magnificent diversity
that particularly manifested itself during this 63rd Festival in
all sections.
Finally, the Jury Prize awarded to «A Screaming Man» from Mahamat-
Saleh HAROUN augurs for a very promising revival of cinema
supported by France, notably with the South Fund.