After the call for applications and the hearing by a jury of 7 shortlisted candidates, the project led by Robin Renucci was selected by the Minister.

Robin Renucci, actor for theatre, cinema and television,
proposes an artistic project to renew the news of the Trestles
of France with respect for their history and the itinerant mission
who is theirs.

Robin Renucci will look for new ways of roaming, and will invite
big names from the stage to work with him.

The Trestles de France were founded by Jean Danet, who
led for 40 years. Since 2001, they have been led by Marcel
Maréchal, who will continue his artistic journey in the framework
a state-backed drama company.

The appointment of Robin Renucci was made in consultation with
Yves Jégo, former Minister, Mayor of Montereau-Fault-Yonne
(77) town where the Trestles de France will be established