Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, appointedeChristophe Vallet to the presidency of the Operator of Heritage and Projects of Culture, operator born from the fusion of the public establishment of work of cultural works (EMOC) with the National Works Service (SNT).

Inspector General of Cultural Affairs, graduate of the Paris Institute of Political Studies and former
Christophe Vallet, a student at the Ecole Nationale d'Administration, held the
administrative and financial director of the Bibliothèque national de France, deputy director of
in charge of the Historical Monuments Sub-Directorate, Deputy Director of
the general administration, which is responsible for the financial and general affairs sub-directorate and then for
President of the National Monuments Centre. He then served as President of the
EMOC, thus enabling it to conduct the prefiguration of the Heritage and Project Operator
Culture real estate, merger of SNT and EMOC.
This is pursuant to a decision of the Public Policy Modernization Council of June 11
2008, requesting that a reconciliation be sought between the National Works Service, created in
1990 in the form of a service with national competence, and the Public Supervisory Institution
of cultural works, created in 1998 as an administrative public institution, that
has been set up the Operator of the heritage and real estate projects of Culture by the
Decree no. 2010-818 of 14 July 2010.
Both responsible for carrying out project management tasks on behalf of the Ministry of
Culture and Communication and its public institutions (as for other ministries:
Defence for SNT, Higher Education and Youth and Sports for EMOC), one – the
SNT - has gradually specialized in restoration and development missions
protected buildings, the other – EMOC – was tasked with conducting large operations while
developing an advisory and assistance role in the implementation of the property policy of the
The SNT processed an average of 250 transactions per year for an amount of €40 million;
EMOC processed an average of 25 transactions per year for an amount of €150 million.
The merger of these two entities, conducted as part of the general policy review
meets several objectives:
- simplify and make readable the landscape of project management in the Ministry,
- group within a single operator with two complementary relative experiences,
one to the conduct of major real estate projects in the cultural field, the other to the works of
restoration and development of major state-owned monuments.