The State acquires for the Public Establishment of the museum and the national domain of Versailles, a carpet of the Royal Manufacture of the Savonnerie coming from the Royal Chapel, recognized "National Treasure".

This acquisition was made possible thanks to Total’s sponsorship of €2 million*.

This exceptional rug by its quality and perfect state of conservation, constitutes one of the five central elements of a set ordered by Louis XIV to cover the floor of the nave of the Royal Chapel.

On a daffodil white background, this rug has in its center a cartridge with the arms of France surrounded by the collars of the orders of Saint-Michel and the Holy Spirit, surmounted by the royal crown closed, and flanked by two outstretched wings; The royal sticks, the hand of justice and the scepter are arranged in chains. On the sides, it features garlands of natural flowers and fruits as well as green palmettes, palmettes and shells. It is surrounded by degraded blue beams; decorated with laurel leaves and presents on each corner a fleur-de-lys in a leafy cartouche. This unique carpet, which shows no change in its original state, did not escape the fate of the royal collections during the Revolution: it was probably given as payment to one of the suppliers of the Directory and then sold by it.

*The tax provisions of the Law of 1 August 2003 on patronage, associations and foundations complement those of the Law of 4 January 2002 on museums in France, to create particularly favourable conditions for entry into public collections, through corporate sponsorship, works recognized as of major heritage interest by the National Treasures Advisory Commission.