Aldo Cardoso delivered on Wednesday 8 September the report of his mission on the governance of public aid to the press entrusted to him, the Ministry of Public Accounts and State Reform and the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Installed at the end of the Estates General of the written press, this mission has for
The aim is to present recommendations guaranteeing the long-term management
and balanced support for the press, whether related to the
to maintain pluralism or improve economic performance. It
The main aim is direct aid and is in line with the guidelines adopted
by the President of the Republic at the end of the Press Conference
Among the key measures in his report, Aldo Cardoso recommends
the granting of direct aid to publishers
contract with measurable commitments to support priority
innovation, supply renewal, promotion of new models
and cost control. Several devices, now fragmented,
could be grouped into a strategic fund with a structure
monitoring and evaluation. The mission proposes to
maintain initially aid to pluralism as a mechanism
In return for this reform, the State would undertake to stabilize its
budget contribution over the five years following the implementation of the
reform. These measures must ensure the passage of a “logic aimed at helping
actors and an industry, to a logic dedicated to the accompaniment of a
the role, that of informing, and a process to reinvent oneself without
At the presentation of the report, Frédéric Mitterrand said that he was determined
to preserve the principles of a public intervention that contributes in priority to the
preservation of the pluralism of information. This is a major issue in our lives
must in no case be weakened by a device that could
be the subject of criticism or suspicion as to its objectives, its effectiveness, its
transparency, or its governance. I also note that the
no longer acts as a catalyst for change but
in its current organization, the risk of delaying reforms and
investments that are essential, particularly to meet
the digital revolution. This report proposes the course of a more
effective public authorities, particularly in the context of
set up after the Estates General. I share the main analyses,
and I intend to study very quickly, with François Baroin, and in connection with the
the main proposals.”
Frédéric Mitterrand announced the installation of a forum to define the
progressive implementation of the measures that will ultimately be
selected by the government. This forum will involve the profession, and
of which he will chair the first meeting, will meet in October.