on the management of assets inscribed on the World Heritage List. Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, Chantal Jouanno, Secretary of State for Ecology, and Yves Dauge, President of the Association of French World Heritage Properties, signed the Charter of Commitment on the Management of Properties Inscribed on the World Heritage List.

France now has 35 properties inscribed on the World Heritage List. These properties are of a great variety in their typology: monuments, estates, historical districts, landscapes, natural sites.
The inscription of a World Heritage site, giving it an international reputation, increases its tourist attractiveness. Through its ability to initiate innovative and transversal projects around the valorization of heritage and history, the inscription and the convention attached to it have become issues of local policy and
The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education.
These findings meant that a renewed system of management of these assets aimed at exemplarity.
The charter of commitment between the State and the local and regional authorities thus aims to clarify the respective commitments of the State and the local and regional authorities, to treat the situation of goods formerly registered and not benefiting for this reason from management plan, unlike new applicants.
For each property, the convention established locally in implementation of this charter will allow to define action plans bringing together all the partners around the protection and the valorization of the world heritage, in a logic of sustainable development.