Frédéric MITTERRAND, Minister for Culture and Communication and Hervé NOVELLI, Secretary of Etatchargé for Trade, Crafts, Small and Medium Enterprises, Tourism, Services and Consumer Affairs have announced the creation of the National Institute of Crafts and a series of measures in favour of this sector.

The Institut National des Métiers d'Art (INMA), a unique reference structure for art crafts, will be born
the reconciliation of the current SEMA (Société d'encouragement des métiers d'Art) and the
Arts and Crafts of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. Chaired by Jean-Michel
DELISLE, and under the direction of Marie-Hélène FREMONT, this Institute will have four main missions:
develop expertise in the arts and crafts and their know-how to promote their development and
dissemination to professionals, the general public and schools;
lead all the Fine Arts networks with all the actors in the sector (professionals, services);
to develop the promotion of crafts at national and international level;
explore new fields of cultural development in the fields of plastic arts, design and fashion arts.
This plan in favor of the crafts that follows the report of Senator Catherine Dumas on the crafts of Art; it was initiated at the request of Prime Minister François FILLON who made the first act of it by deciding to make Days of the Crafts an appointmentthe annual must-see, like the Heritage Days, every first weekend in April. The next round will take place in April 2011.
The structuring element of this policy in favour of crafts is the rapprochement of the two ministries
responsible for Culture and Crafts. With the creation of the INMA, an inter-ministerial animation structure, it will finally be possible to set up in France a vigorous policy to develop, make known and make loved these professions where French engineering is expressed, and which are the image of France abroad.
The development of the Art professions must above all go through a better consideration of the expectations of
companies, both for their development and for the safeguarding of their heritage.
For their development, the agreement with Ubifrance signed on 18 November 2009 will allow the
International development of companies labeled Companies of Living Heritage (EPV).
This development will also require a strong representation of professionals, both within the new association of EPV, chaired by Arnaud Marion, and within the representative organizations of the crafts of Art, which must unite within a national Union.
It is above all necessary to safeguard traditional know-how, this hand work that is our
intangible heritage that cannot disappear. We must encourage the transfer and recovery of these companies,
to promote the training of young people and apprenticeship, to promote access to credit for these small businesses.
Frédéric MITTERRAND: Reinvigorating the image of crafts and developing collaborations with
artists, designers and the fashion arts, these are the sites that we are happy to open
with the INMA for the excellence of French know-how».
Hervé NOVELLI: This rapprochement marks a new dynamic to support the arts that
are one of the essential foundations of French intangible heritage. Representing over 38,000
companies and nearly 100,000 people, they are an important pole of the French economy».