Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, appointsFrancis Huster as director of the Centre Dramatique National - Les Tresteauxde France.

Francis Huster, exceptional actor, who was a member of the Comedy-
French, remains unforgettable in Lorenzaccio, We do not play with
love, the Cid, Cyrano de Bergerac or even Don Juan. No chance if the
film and television have also highlighted its talent, particularly in
Dinner of idiots and Jean Moulin.
It will endeavour to make this dramatic center, whose main mission
is based on roaming, one of the symbols of the theatre’s encounter with
all audiences, right down to the places in our most
deprived of a cultural presence.
To revive the rural space, to register an artistic project in the cities and
villages, while continuing to irrigate the Ile-de-France region and
the International, as many objectives to which the new Director will have at heart
to answer.
Francis Huster will succeed Marcel Maréchal on January 1, 2011 who
will continue, in company, its creative activity and will be accompanied by
the Ministry of Culture and Communication as it results from the
conclusions of the Valois Talks.
Frédéric Mitterrand wants «Les Trestles de France» to be one of the
major players in culture for everyone.