Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, welcomes the entry into force of the law of 26 May 2011 on the price of digital books.

The entry into force of the law on the price of digital books is permitted by the publication of its implementing decree in the Official Journal of 11 November (Decree no. 2011-1499 of 10 November 2011).

This decree, which was the subject of a notification to the European Commission, specifies the definition of the eBook and the methods of fixing the selling price by the publisher.

The law of 26 May 2011 provides a secure legal framework adapted to the specificities of the bookshop, which will promote the development of a legal offer of digital books abundant and attractive for the reader.

By giving the publisher, as in the law of 10 August 1981, the power to fix the same selling price for all resellers, whether they operate from France or abroad, the law of 26 May will make it possible to create for the French actors the conditions of a fair competition.

The law of 26 May 2011 constitutes the most advanced regulatory framework in Europe for the dissemination of e-books. This regulation is at the heart of the strategy developed by the Ministry of Culture and Communication to support the entire book chain in the transformations induced by digital technology, preserving the essential vectors of cultural diversity that are editorial creativity and bookshops.