Frédéric Mitterrand and Laurent Wauquiez promote greater collaboration between higher education and the culture sector

The two Ministers of Culture and Communication and Higher Education and Research welcome the fact that Culture higher education now fully participates in the dynamics launched by the Bologna Agreements and in the developments in the landscape of theHigher education.

After the access in 2005 of the national higher schools of architecture to the three university degrees, then of the schools of heritage and the two National Conservatories of music and dance of Paris and Lyon to the degree of master, all national and territorial art schools have been authorised in recent months by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research to issue a diploma conferring the master’s degree from June 2012.

In all sectors, partnerships between Culture colleges and universities and universities have developed, either in the design of curricula or in order to build innovative projects or to promote complementarities. The two ministers welcomed these initiatives, the development of the presence of Culture Colleges in research and higher education centres and the success these schools have had in investing in the future.

Laurent Wauquiez and Frédéric Mitterrand wish to reinforce these approaches by deepening the collaborations between the university and the Culture Graduate Schools, while respecting the differences and specificities, and to this end move forward in several directions:

  1. - Identify and value the contributions of existing partnerships, by means of assessments to be carried out in the various sectors and levels of training concerned,
  1. - Encourage Culture colleges to enter PRES in order to increase the visibility of French higher education at the international level, to strengthen research in the cultural fields, to offer students an expanded training offer and to open to them the benefit of shared services,
  1. - Support the Culture universities in the construction of the research offer, Priority will be given to strengthening, in partnership with universities, the support of teaching for research, which will be at the heart of future evaluations of AERES. At the same time, the two ministries will support the ongoing reflection on art research.
  1. - Improve recognition of training provision at L level of the plastic arts sector, after a precise analysis of the careers and professional integration of students for each of the two diplomas concerned.
  1. - Ensure that all Culture colleges are able to rely on the AERES evaluation process to contribute to the dynamic of continuous improvement in the quality of training currently implemented by Higher Education.

Frédéric Mitterrand and Laurent Wauquiez Mr Jean de Saint Guilhem, Inspector General of the Administration of National Education and Research and former Director of Central Administration at the Ministry of Culture and Communication, a mission on the longer-term continuation of the evolutions of higher education Culture. They hope that operational proposals will be made quickly in this context for the creation of a conference of the higher institutions Culture, place of sharing of experiences and dialogue with the Ministry of Culture and Communication. This mission will be carried out in close liaison with the General Inspectorate for Cultural Affairs and the various actors concerned, in particular local and regional authorities.