On 17 and 18 September, the European Heritage Days will focus on an unknown dimension of our heritage: its relational complicity in travel, from which it derives all its vitality and diversity.

Long before the Internet renewed our access to world treasures, the
meeting with heritage has always been an opportunity to understand culture
countries, especially on the European continent. The
heritage, whatever its form, is a reflection of the exchanges between the
artists, influences from neighbouring know-how, the circulation of ideas to
across borders.

As a result of these continual movements, heritage continues to
to which you are invited these Days.

In the wake of Prosper Mérimée and his first journey, in the middle of the 19th century
meeting with the heritage of the French regions, the
Culture and Communication extends his trip by organizing since 28
the European Heritage Days in France, thanks to the action of the
Regional Cultural Affairs Directorates.

The event is also supported by the public owners and
of historic monuments and the collaboration of the Centre for
national monuments, the network of cities and countries of art and history, the city
of Paris, of the Fondation du Patrimoine and of the
heritage, the Old French houses and the Historic House.

The Confederation of Craft and Small Building Enterprises, the RATP
and Michelin once again give their faithful support to the operation.

The daily Metro, the magazine Art & Decoration, France Télévisions et Radio
France also mobilize to share this event with the public

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The programme of the European Heritage Days is available:
- on the website www.journeesdupatrimoine.culture.fr from 18 August
- by telephone from 12 September to 0820 20 20 81 82 (0, 09€ per minute)

This press release proposes a first selection of thematic visits
not to miss about the heritage linked to the trip, the first participations and the
exceptional openings of these European Heritage Days 2011.