Great men: when women and men build history The monuments preserved by passionate men and women, the traces left in the landscapes and in the minds of those who built or inhabited them: for their 27th edition, the European Heritage Days will celebrate the great history of the collective heritage through the places marked by the imprint of the «great men».

When women and men build history
Under the theme «Great men: when women and men build history», Frédéric
Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, wished that the next Days
European heritage highlights the public and private heritage, whose influence is
linked to the action of each for a castle, a church, a place of shows, a village or a city
These “great men” are the political personalities who occupied the premises of
power; those, artists, who have seen their work flourish in singular places; those and
those, owners, who have given their time and passion for a monument; those,
architects and craftsmen, who built or restored with their hands the buildings that will be admired
during these Days.
Among hundreds of examples, this is the case of George Sand’s house in Nohant (Indre, Centre),
Vauban citadels, Menier factories in Noisiel (Seine-et-Marne, Ile-de-France), Paris
transformed by Baron Haussmann during the Second Empire, the Canal du Midi built by Pierre-Paul
Riquet or the castle of Pau, which saw the birth of Henri IV, whose reign will be celebrated throughout
of the year 2010 on the occasion of the quadricentenary of his death.
The European Heritage Days, a national event marked by:
12 million curious and heritage enthusiasts mobilized for two days
- 16,172 monuments opened in 2009
- more than 3,300 exceptional openings in 2009
- 22,000 events (conferences, exhibitions, circuits, concerts, young audience workshops) on the whole
of open sites
Organizers and partners
The European Heritage Days are organized by the Ministry of Culture and
Communication and are implemented by the Regional Cultural Affairs Directorates and
Departmental services of architecture and heritage, with the assistance of public owners
and private historical monuments, which open them, sometimes exceptionally, for the reception of the
They are supported by the Confédération de l'Artisanat et des Petites Entreprises du Bâtiment and
RATP, faithful partners of the event, and are organized in collaboration with the
national monuments, the network of cities and countries of art and history, the Heritage Foundation
and heritage conservation associations the Old French Houses and the House
On the Internet from 18 August on
By phone from 13 September to 0820 202 502