An invitation to curiosity and discovery, the 29th edition of the European Heritage Days will be held under the theme Hidden heritage. History secrets, hidden treasures, behind the scenes and machinery, behind the scenes… for two days the public is invited to discover a heritage rarely accessible, sometimes unknown and often unsuspected.

These European Heritage Days offer:

  • go down in the basement to discover the heritage buried (bunkers, wrecks, traces of habitat, remains of buildings, etc.) and subterranean (catacombs, crypts, caves, tumuli, cellars, mines, tunnels, canals, roads, etc.).
  • win in altitude to approach the heritage aloft ” (bells, frames…) or to read a city’s urban plan…
  • cross over doors to usually closed rooms, access behind the scenes (theatres, cinemas, recording studios, etc.) and archives…
  • admire objects rarely or never exhibited, and using new technologies to detect layers imperceptible to the naked eye of certain pictorial works…
  • appreciate the work of all those who work to ensure that heritage remains a common good…

The organizers and partners

The European Heritage Days are organized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication/ Directorate-General for Heritage and implemented by the regional Directorates for Cultural Affairs. Placed under the patronage of the Council of Europe and the European Commission, they receive the assistance of public and private owners of historic monuments, and benefit from the involvement of the National Monuments Centre, the network of Cities and Countries of Art and History, the Heritage Foundation and the associations for the preservation of the heritage the Old French Houses and the Historical House.

Once again this year, they receive the support of the RATP, Michelin and the Mairie de Paris, faithful partners of the event, which enjoys wide media coverage thanks to the daily Metro, Art&Décoration magazine, France Télévisions and Radio France.

European Heritage Days in figures:

  • 12 million visitors
  • 16,000 monuments open
  • hundreds of exceptional openings
  • 22,000 events (conferences, exhibitions, tours, concerts, demonstrations of know-how, workshops for young audiences, etc.)
  • 50 European countries