Digitization of Cinematographic Works: Establishment of a funding program for “Investments for the Future” and a support mechanism for the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC)

The development of digital technologies offers new opportunities to
French film heritage, on all broadcasting networks: projection
digital theatres, television channels, video-on-demand platforms.

The result of work initiated by the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC) with
the holders of a catalogue of cinematographic works, the Society of Authors and
Dramatic composers (SACD) and the French Cinémathèque, the State initiates today
an ambitious programme of digitization of cinematographic works to
to spread French culture in the digital age.

Firstly, under the Investments d'Avenir programme and its component
«Development of the digital economy», the State invests in the transition of the sector
cinematographic towards the digital age.

Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, Eric Besson,
Minister for Industry, Energy and Digital Economy and René Ricol,
Commissioner-General for Investment, today sign a framework agreement with the
Main companies holding film catalogues on financing
digitization of cinematographic works.

This framework agreement, co-signed by the companies EuropaCorp, Gaumont, Pathé, SNC,
Studio 37, StudioCanal and TF1 Audiovisual Rights, which first demonstrated the
will engage in a process of digitizing their heritage, will allow
cover the digitization of at least 1000 feature film works. It
is open to all holders of film catalogues, who will benefit from
adapted financing to take advantage of this momentum.

It is a question of the State participating in the investment effort necessary to enable the
the digital exploitation of films, and to share their benefits and risks with
catalogue companies. The Caisse des dépôts will ensure the implementation and
funding monitoring.

On the other hand, the CNC also announces today the launch of a device
support for the digitization of cinematographic works, in
in favour of the most historic part of the sector, one that has an artistic and
The European Union has a strong cultural culture without guaranteeing sufficient profitability.

This first selective support mechanism will concern today, subject to the agreement of the
European authorities, heritage works of silent films and a selection of
short films that must, thanks to digital and its different modes of distribution,
be able to meet new audiences.

When it comes to more complex scans in terms of restoration, the CNC
selectively for the benefit of works whose chemical elements
are often badly damaged. On this occasion, the CNC will support
selective the return on film of the works, still necessary for their preservation.

After having been at the forefront by engaging so quickly and massively in the
France is thus one of the very first countries to put in place a
in place of a vast financing mechanism for the digitalisation and restoration of its
film heritage.

This strong signal in favour of valuing as many works as possible, responds
economic and industrial issues. The Government intends to allow the
establishment of a technology excellence track in digitization and
restoration through the adoption of the digital quality standard «2K».

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