The ministerial conference of TV5 took place in Paris, at the Ministry of Culture and Communication, under the presidency of France in the presence of the ministerial delegations of each donor government (Canada, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Québec, Switzerland and France) as well as Cameroon, Senegal, the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, TV5 Monde, TV5 Québec Canada and CIRTEF1. The discussions took place in a constructive and friendly atmosphere.

The various donor governments welcomed the excellent results of TV5
Monde and TV5 Québec Canada.
Since 2009, efforts by donor governments have resulted in
a significant increase in public funding including francophone partners
French. Thanks to TV5 Monde’s efforts to develop its own resources, the
French-language channel was able to implement its ambitious 2009-2012 strategic plan, which
allows a significant progression of its distribution since the beginning of the strategic plan (more
32.5 million households). TV5 Monde also relied on the efforts of broadcasters
partners to make more of the package’s iconic programs available
in its diversity.
The implementation of the strategic plan was notably reflected in the launch of the
subtitling in Polish and English in Europe and Vietnamese in Asia. TV5 innovates
now on all media: the channel has created the «Earth» portal on the Internet, dedicated to
the status of women in the world, launched a catch-up platform entitled
TV5Monde+ as well as the program «Maghreb Orient-Express». The recent creation of the program
«Les Cousinades», highlighting at a prime time the programs of the
TV5 outside France was a resounding success. Three years after the implementation of the plan
governments have commended management for its relevant choices, including
the rise of over-the-air broadcasting in Africa, which allows it to reach the greatest number
TV5 donor governments approved TV5 budget parameters
World for 2012 with an increase allowing the financing of the last year of the
2009-2012 strategic plan as planned in 2008. The 2012 draft budget of TV5 Monde,
which grew by 1.26 million euros or +1.18% compared to 2011, should be confirmed by
the vote of the board of directors of the channel. The future of TV5, and its strategic plan 2013-
2016, which should be adopted in a year, have been the subject of intensive exchanges. All
participants recalled their commitment to the Francophonie and its influence
as TV5 embodies.
All donor governments also congratulated TV5 Québec Canada,
other TV5 operator, which also experienced a strong increase in its audiences on all its
supports, linear and multimedia, and achieved excellent revenue performance
advertising and subscription.
All participants thanked France for the quality of the work carried out under its
Presidency over the past two years. The Presidency of the next Conference of
ministers of TV5 will be assumed by Quebec.