As part of the France-Russia Crossyear, the Ministry of Culture and Communication is hosting the exhibition «Russia of today», an exhibition of Russian photographers presenting their contemporary vision of the Russian Federation.

The eleven French alliances present on Russian territory have joined forces to
know the French public of Russian “other cities” – other than the eternal
Moscow and St. Petersburg. The idea that Russia is analyzed and understood by
the whole of its gigantic territory, and not only by its two
western metropolises.
Focused on eleven major Russian cities – so many connections in this country
Europe and the Pacific – the exhibition "Russia"
today" is a mosaic: it shows different facets of Russian cities,
pieces from Russia to finally create a global image, of which we
Soaking up by traveling through this great country.
Twenty photographers (Valery Aleksandrov, Daniil Alexeev, Nadezhda Anticheva, Sergei
Ermolaev, Anton Fédortchenko, Roman Ignatiev, Evgeny Ivanov, Viatcheslav Ivanov,
Andrei Kholmov, Sergei Kirianov, Mikhail Kozlovskiy, Andrei Krachenitsa, Ekaterina
Kravtsova, Anatoliy Malinovski, Alexandre Mirochnitchenko, Serguei Osmatchkine, Igor
Sirokhine, Nikolai Sivkevich, Guliaev Vladimir, Valeriy Zarovniannykh) exhibit 66
photographs articulated in six themes to highlight the unity of this country to
- a panoramic view, giving an overview before knowing the
- nature;
- traditional festivals;
- the individual through portraits;
- changes, developments in Russia and its contrasts;
- The last theme tries to capture the details of daily life that challenge
and surprise an uninformed eye.
By uniting in the realization of this exhibition, the eleven French alliances
Russian territory have wanted to offer Russia a place in the
to the extent that it deserves.

«Russia today»
Until 3 December 2010
Ministry of Culture and Communication
182 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris I
Metro line 1 or 7 Palais Royal – Louvre Museum
Public opening hours: 9 am – 7 pm, Monday to Friday