While the convergence between the audiovisual and Internet worlds is a reality that redefines the contours of the audiovisual sector, Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, announces a series of measures focused on content and creation.

Financing European and French creation and production
is strengthened in the Ministry’s 2011 budget. Despite the
The 2011 audiovisual budget, which weighs on public finances, presented
September 30, 2010, is thus in increase of 3.4%. This budget is between
to finance the editorial ambitions of France Télévisions and
From 2011, Audiovisual Media Services on Demand (SMAD)
contribute to the financing of production and dissemination
European and French works, in an adapted setting, which will take
the improvement of access to works and the fluidity of
rights. The development of the legal offer goes hand in hand with a better
smooth circulation of works. The Centre national du
film and animated image (CNC) entrusted to Sylvie Hubac a mission on
the development of video-on-demand services and their impact on the
creation. Following this reflection, the Minister of Culture and
Communication wishes to explore the development of a
mediator of audiovisual creation, drawing inspiration from the mechanism created
successfully in cinema.
Finally, the audiovisual support mechanisms managed by the CNC are evolving
to adapt to new media. They will be adapted and strengthened to
take into account the increase in the production of works
and multi-media production, with the establishment of a
3-year 80 million plan for selective and
3D production support will also be increased, under
European Commission’s forthcoming response, and the
arrangement for opening the automatic support account
production on the internet, the «web cosip», will come into force
in early 2011.