On the occasion of the 9th edition of the Rendez-vous aux jardins, the Ministry of Culture and Communication is installing in the heart of Paris, in the historical area of the Palais-Royal, managed by the Centre des monuments nationaux, an ephemeral nurturing garden from 28 May to 5 June 2011.

With the support of landscape architect Mark Rudkin, an ephemeral nurturing garden is set up
in the gardens of the Palace - Royal, restored in the years

This vegetable garden designed by artist Jill Armain consists of a series of plots,
made up of 10 large bins (4 m x 0.9 m), grouped into wide strips of
on both sides of the large pool, to allow visitors to stroll and
easily discover about fifty vegetables, fruits, plants
aromatic... Each of these bands will be planted according to the gardening method
called “square”.

Points of reference for visitors, four large baskets mark the
four cardinal corners of the Royal Palace, to direct them towards the basin. This
ephemeral installation, resolutely discreet not to disturb the tranquility of
this unique space, in the centre of Paris, is also generous and supportive.

The Ministry of Culture and Communication and its partners have
so wished to offer the garden plants to the charity Gardens and
Health, which aims to fund clinical research fellowships on
brain diseases and fund the creation, rehabilitation, and development
therapeutic gardens in hospitals, retirement homes
or a medical-educational institute.

The sale made by the volunteers of the association will take place on Sunday
5 June 2011, from 15.00. www.jardins-sante.org.

The ephemeral garden was created with the partnership of Promise of Flowers and the
support from Taugourdeau, Établissements Vion and Ferme de Saint Marthe.

The «Rendez-vous aux jardins» take place on 3, 4, 5, June throughout the
France and are organized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication,
in collaboration with the Comité des parcs et jardins de France, the
Historical, Old French Houses, National Monuments Centre,
the Association des jardiniers de France, with the participation of many
local authorities and private owners.

GDF SUEZ, Moët Hennessy and the National Union of Landscape Entrepreneurs
(UNEP) are the sponsors of this new edition.

Mon jardin & ma Maison, Metro, France Inter and France 3 are the partners