For the fifth consecutive year, the Ministry of Culture and Communication has carried out a series of acquisitions of works exhibited at the 36th edition of the International Fair of Contemporary Art (22-25 October 2009) by the National Centre for Visual Arts, for a budget of 400,000 euros. These works enrich the National Fund of Contemporary Art, a collection of state art for which the CNAP ensures the custody, management and dissemination.

These works are reported to FIAC visitors by a cartel.

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The National Advisory Committee on Acquisitions is composed of persons qualified for the visual arts and persons responsible, in the same field, for the Ministry of Culture and Communication and its public institutions (see list below).

The CNAP pursues a policy of dissemination of works in France and abroad through deposits in museums, public administrations and places (about 600 per year) as well as through loans for temporary exhibitions (3000 works per year).

The Fonds national d'art contemporain is the largest collection of contemporary art in France. Through purchases and commissions from active artists and galleries, it has been enriched since 1981 by more than 28,000 works from the visual arts and photography to the decorative arts and design.

Members of the Committee

Qualified personalities







Art Reviews:

Philippe DAGEN

Philippe REGNIER

Dissemination of venues in the regions:

Joëlle PIJAUDIER, Chief Curator of Heritage, Director of the Museums of Strasbourg

Jean-Charles VERGNE, Director of FRAC Auvergne

Ministry of Culture and Communication and public institutions

Olivier KAEPPELIN, Delegate for Visual Arts

Richard LAGRANGE, Director of the Centre national des arts plastiques

Jacques BAYLE, Head of Mission Inspection, Delegation for Visual Arts

Laetitia BOUVIER, Art Consultant, DRAC Bretagne

Marie-Cécile MIESSNER, Chief Curator, National Library of France

Catherine DAVID, Curator, DMF

Emma LAVIGNE, Curator, MNAM – SAC

24 works acquired:

Adel ABDESSEMED, History of silence, 2009, installation, ukulele in a metal frame, video color with sound 3s loop. DVIR Gallery, Tel Aviv

Anne BLANCHET, LXIX, 2000, wall sculpture, incised plexiglass, 110 x 110 x 3 cm. Denise René Gallery, Paris

Susan COLLIS, She falls down, 2009, floor installation, variable dimensions. Franck Elbaz Gallery, Paris

Pascal CONVERT, Vitrified Verdun strain, 2009, wood and crystal and Raymond and Lucie Aubrac self-portrait in the mirror, 2009, diptych grisaille screen-printed on glass and tinted, 47 x 68 x 63 cm. Eric Dupont Gallery, Paris

Koenraad DEDOBBELEER, Earthly Paradise of matter, 2008, wood, metal, paint, 87 x 60 x 109 cm. Gallery Projecte SD, Barcelona

Véronique ELLENA, La Valleuse, 2009, inkjet printing, 90 x 120 cm, 1/5. Alain Gutharc Gallery, Paris

Maike FREESS, Disco Babylon, 2008, chalk, ink, gouache on paper, 230 x 125 cm. Eva Hober Gallery, Paris

Aurélien FROMENT, Pacific Palissades Study, 2008, diptych, photographs, 31 x 24 cm and 110 x 130 cm. Motive Gallery, Amsterdam

Fabien GIRAUD and Raphaël SIBONI, Friendly Fire, 2008, dvd. Galerie Hervé Loevenbruck, Paris

Rachel LABASTIE, Hindrances, 2008, porcelain, wall installation in 9 elements, 80 to 130 cm. Galerie LAB.A.N.K., Paris

David LAMELAS, Film 18, Paris IV. 70, 1970, Film 16mm, 9'16, n/b with sound. Jan Mot Gallery, Brussels

LANG / BAUMANN, Child Behaviors 3, fiberglass, painting (prototype, edition of 5). Galerie Hervé Loevenbruck, Paris

Sirous NAMAZI, Wall object, 2007, silicone color, 190 x 45 x 18 cm, unique piece. Suzy Schammah Gallery, Milan

Eva NIELSEN, Camaldolets, 2009, oil, acrylic and screen printing on canvas, 200 x 150 cm. Dominique Fiat Gallery, Paris

Jean-Michel OTHONIEL, Untitled, 2009, 3 lithographic monotypes on gold leaf, 112 x 81.5 cm (x3) and Grey mica necklace, 2009, glass, 20 x 65 x 18 cm. Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris

Julien PRÉVIEUX, Le Lotissement, 2009, scale 1/10, 6 models in stereolithography, 20 x 20 x 15 cm (each). Galerie Jousse Entreprise, Paris

Su Mei TSE, Open Score, 2007, colour video with sound, 7'30. Serge le Borgne Gallery, Paris

TAROOP and GLABEL, The beautiful images of Taroop and Glabel2009, n/b pigment prints, 47 x 57 cm each (12 elements). Semiose Gallery, Paris

Claude TETOT, Untitled, 2009, oil on canvas, 170 x 200 cm. Jean Fournier Gallery, Paris

Gert & Uwe TOBIAS, GUT 1032, 2009, acrylic on paper, 200 x 168 cm. Rodolphe Janssen Gallery, Brussels