In October 2019, the Ministry of Culture launched the Safe Cathedrals Plan, which included a series of measures to increase the level of safety of the 87 state-owned cathedrals. This plan was implemented by the Regional Directorates for Cultural Affairs (DRAC), responsible for the maintenance and restoration of cathedrals.
The efforts of the Ministry of Culture, which in 2021 and 2022 devoted more than 167 million euros to cathedrals, including 25 million euros dedicated to their security, have begun to bear fruit: 20 cathedrals have reached the «high» level of security 6 more than in 2020 and 61 cathedrals have reached the level of regulatory safety, 5 more since 2020.
In 2023, an amplification of the plan «safety cathedrals» was announced by the Minister of Culture, Rima ABDUL MALAK, including new actions such as the widespread installation of thermal cameras in cathedrals, the implementation of measures to improve safety during work, the removal of hazardous electrical installations, the deepening of safety and security audits and the support of external experts, with the DRAC, to accompany the Architects of the French buildings in their role as sole security manager.
In all, 220 million euros have been dedicated to cathedrals since 2021, of which 40 million euros will be devoted to restoration work (of the cathedrals of Clermont-Ferrand and Beauvais for example) and 12 million euros for fire safety in 2023.

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The State amplifies the plan «safety cathedrals»

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