On Thursday, April 20, 2023, Senator Julien Bargeton presented to Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak the report that the Prime Minister had entrusted to her in October 2022 on funding for the music sector.

In his speech on the occasion of the presentation of the France 2030 Plan in October 2021, the President of the Republic set the course for a new strategy for the cultural and creative industries. “If our youth in 2030 or all of us have a choice only between content that is produced by other great powers, (…) our cultural heritage and our contemporary creation are no longer the ones we have access to, we are drastically changing the world.”
Over the past two decades, the music industry has seen its economy disrupted by a digital revolution that has profoundly changed the way people listen. This cultural industry faces many challenges: switching from uses to music streams on subscription or free platforms, increased international competition, new production methods, ecological transition, etc. The emblematic success of K-Pop, the object of an active policy of South Korea, testifies to this context of sharpened international competition.
Created in January 2020, after ten years of waiting by the entire sector, the National Music Centre (CNM) immediately devoted itself to supporting the sector hard hit by the health crisis.
Three years later, the report considers that the CNM’s action must now be fully deployed to enable it to fulfil its primary vocation, to become the “common home of music” and to bring together the entire sector, from live performances to recorded music. to address the strategic challenges it faces. The senator highlights three priorities: the export and international development of French creations, innovation and digital technology, the structuring of the economic fabric to guarantee the diversity of the sector and our cultural sovereignty. It recommends that this ambition be based on new financing levers, which respond to a principle of solidarity and redistribution within the sector.
The Minister of Culture thanked Julien Bargeton, and through him the rapporteurs François Hurard, Guillaume Lachaussée and Aude Charbonnier who accompanied him for six months, for this nourished work based on the hearing of more than 250 professionals. The conclusions of the report are intended to contribute to the preparatory work for the drafting of the 2024 finance bill.

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Report by Senator Julien Bargeton on the financing strategy for the music sector in France

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