Tridanse is a regional course of co-production and hosting in residence of choreographic companies. An original device worn by three structures not specialized in the choreographic field, it engages a support approach to creation in relation to territories, in different places of the South region. Tridanse invites choreographic artists to write a project on the regional territory, in dialogue with three different contexts.

A mechanism to support creation in relation to territories

Thanks to a triple accompaniment, Tridanse allows to:

  • propose new ways of supporting creative projects, developing a share of research;
  • to promote porosity between dance and other artistic disciplines and with the humanities and social sciences – philosophy, anthropology, urban planning, ecology… ;
  • experiment with other relations artists/ public/ teams of places through a porosity with three different artistic and geographical contexts of the South region


  • will not take into account plans to adapt an existing creation.
  • only one artistic team is selected per year.
  • will receive this team in residence in each of our three locations for a minimum of two weeks, the 

Tridanse includes

  • 6 weeks in situ residency
  • A welcome in each place for a team with accommodation of 5 to 7 people depending on the place
  • Flat-rate financial assistance from the 3 locations for a total amount of €17,000 excluding taxes [€17,468 including taxes]

Application procedures

For whom? You are a choreographic company,

  • a creative project whose link to these three structures and contexts of implantation would fuel the research
  • looking for support, through meeting and reflection, for a project that will be implemented from September 2023 and during the year 2024
  • which develops new writings exploring the relations to the public and/or inhabitant, unfolds in urban or natural spaces and address issues related to our contemporary political, social and ecological reality.

To respond to the call for projects Tridanse, welcome course in residence in the Southern region of choreographic companies from here and elsewhere send your proposal [artistic file, note of intent: why Tridanse for this project? , budget, calendar, ongoing partnerships] with any links and supporting documents you deem necessary - work, research, previous creations - to:

Label the email as follows : NAME OF PROJET_compagnie(ou)artiste Label the pieces as follows: NAME OF PROJET_budget / NAME OF PROJET_calendrier / NAME OF PROJET_dossierart

A contact form will be sent to you by return email together with the confirmation of good reception.
Deadline for submission: 26 February 2023
A meeting is scheduled on Friday, April 21, 2023 at 3 bis f in Aix-en-Provence with the three partner locations of Tridanse and the shortlisted companies.

Information / contact

Laureline Girard: - 04 42 16 17 75

The Tridanse device

Three places of creation, multidisciplinary, each committed in their own way in the live performance, create together in 2005 a system of reception in common residence: Tridanse. It allows the development and accompaniment of a choreographic creation through several places of the region – the Luberon, the Camargue, Aix-en-Provence with three places engaged in the support and accompaniment of artists of different disciplines.:

Tridanse receives support from the Ministry of Culture/ Drac Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur.